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Election News from April 15, 2011

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CEC constituted constituency councils

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) constituted 35 constituency electoral councils of 2nd level, which, within three days, have to choose the chairman, deputy chairman and the secretary. After this procedure, the councils shall made public the information concerning the location (office), date and time for receiving registration documents as an electoral competitor. These councils shall establish electoral constituencies and constituency electoral councils of the 1st level (city, commune), polling stations and their electoral offices, no later than 40 days before the elections.

Errors in electoral lists

Following the analysis of the electoral lists submitted by local public administration to the CEC, it was found: The mayoralties now have to draw up electoral lists for local elections of June, 2011, to check them at the voters’ residence and ensure the publication of electoral lists no later than 20 days before the elections.

Ceiling the electoral funds

CEC has set out the maximum allowable amount that could be spent by each party in local elections of June 5, and this amount is over 22 million lei. Independent candidates will be able to spend no more than 0.5 euro per every voter in the constituency.

The public broadcaster has changed the editorial policy for the electoral period

For the electoral debates, the Company “Teleradio-Moldova” will invite only the candidates for the mayor office of Chisinau, Balti and Comrat, as well as representatives of political parties involved in the campaign for local elections. The Statement on editorial policy promoted by TRM in the summer electoral campaign was approved by the Observer Board of the Company and it stipulates that all political parties officially registered and admitted in the electoral campaign will be able to participate in the electoral debates. Independent candidates won’t be invited to debates, because their number is too big.

Oleg Cernei joins liberals

Oleg Cernei, municipal councillor, elected in 2007 on the lists of Our Moldova Alliance, declared that he joins the Liberal Party and will support Dorin Chirtoaca’s candidacy for mayor office of Chisinau. There are some other personalities who support the current mayor: the writer Spiridon Vangheli, former Speaker of Parliament Alexandru Mosanu, folk music singer Nicholas Glib, former minister of culture Ion Ungureanu.