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Election News from June 7, 2011

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Blast in centre of Chisinau

A VAZ car exploded in Columna Street of Chisinau municipality at 12.10 p.m., hurting seriously Igor Turcanu, chairman of the Tennis Federation. Turcanu died after a couple of hours in the Emergency Hospital, as his heart stopped functioning because of serious injuries. Turcanu was a businessman and supported independent candidate Mihai Godea during the electoral campaign, heading his electoral staff. The police ruled out any political nature of the blast, but investigate all circumstances in which it has occurred, including the possibility of an accident. Mihai Godea told a news conference on Tuesday evening that the blast that killed Turcanu was a booby-trap car attempt, and all tries to divert the things and reveal other visions are cynical and unprofessional, as a lot of metal parts unrelated to the exploded car were extracted from Turcanu’s body. Godea noted that Turcanu like other mates from his electoral staff felt he was followed, there were many threats, there were attempts to compromise them, and there were bitter accusations. Godea stressed that once he left the PLDM, he was informed that many scenarios were being prepared against him and the democracy and security of people were hit, regardless of the conclusion of investigators, and “if it was a political order, then woe betide in the Republic of Moldova.” As well, Godea did not rule out the economic reasons of the assassination.

CEC releases preliminary results

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has released the preliminary election results. Following the processing of all reports in Chisinau municipality: An analysis of the nationwide preliminary election results reveals that 645 localities elected mayors in the first round of elections, and another 253 will hold a runoff vote. Candidates in three localities (Caracusenii Vechi, Briceni rayon; Holohora de Sus, Briceni rayon; Iujnoe, Cahul rayon) won all valid votes. A political party got all seats of councillor in village of Codru Nou, Telenesti rayon, as just an electoral candidate ran for elections in all four cases. (Source: CEC)

PL leader holds news conference

The chairman of the Liberal Party (PL), Mihai Ghimpu, has held a news conference and made the totals of the June 5 general local elections. Ghimpu said that PL is satisfied with the election results, but it will keep doing its best in order to get better results in the runoff vote. According to the preliminary results released by CEC, PL won about 17 percent of the votes on republic: 19.87 percent for mayors, 11.86 percent for rural/city councils, 19.87 percent for district/municipal councils and 125 PL candidates will run for mayoral seats in the runoff vote. The PL chairman reported some shortcomings observed during elections, accusing PCRM representatives of having bribed voters, asking them to take photos of ballot papers with their mobile phones, in order to be sure than they elected communist candidates. (Source: PL)

PDM describes participation in campaign as right decision

The leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), Marian Lupu, said that the withdrawal of the PDM candidate from electoral race for the Chisinau City Hall would have changed the results and the PCRM representative would have won more than half of the votes. Lupu told a news conference that the PDM and Valentina Buliga helped preserving the chance of the runoff vote, maintaining coherent campaign-related decisions and preventing a panic related to polarisation of ballots, and if Buliga left the race, the 2.56 percent won by PDM would not have helped the PL candidate, but would have been decisive for a final result in the first round if awarded to the PCRM contestant. Lupu promised that PDM will support Dorin Chirtoaca in the runoff vote. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)