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Election News from May 6, 2011

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PLDM takes the strategic decision — to support the current mayor in local elections

Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) took the strategic decision to do whatever is necessary to win the elections for Chisinau City Hall in first round by the candidate of the Alliance for European Integration who is best placed in opinions of Chisinau voters. In this respect, PLDM decided to withdraw from the race its own candidate — Victor Bodiu and to support in the race for mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca, the current mayor. This was announced today in a press briefing by PLDM chairman, Vlad Filat. “It is an assumed decision that is based on a strategic calculation, an action of political responsibility and maturity. It’s not a failure, but a sacrifice that we ought to do to restore the normality on political arena, a gesture meant to save the Republic of Moldova from Communists return to power”. (Source: PLDM)

Mihai Godea about PLDM decision to support the current mayor of Chisinau

The aspirant to the status of an independent candidate for mayor of capital, former PLDM first deputy chair, Mihai Godea, said he supports the decision of his former colleagues to withdraw Victor Bodiu from the electoral race in favour of the Liberal Party candidate (PL), Dorin Chirtoaca. According to Mihai Godea, Bodiu’s retreat brings also an extra to PLDM, since this will enable it to get more votes in Chisinau municipal council. As for his own intentions, Mihai Godea declared: “If I got myself into the battle, then I will lead until the end”. At the same time, Godea states that his former colleagues’ decision to withdraw Victor Bodiu from the campaign is too late.

PL candidate, Dorin Chirtoaca, welcomes the PLDM decisions

PL candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, convened a press conference where he welcomed the PLDM decision to withdraw its candidate in his favour. “Today we find that the local elections in Chisinau start to be prepared together and consolidated by all those who want the Republic of Moldova and Chisinau municipality to go ahead. During a half a year I called on colleagues to go along in elections. This battle should be decisive for democracy, for the Republic of Moldova”, Dorin Chirtoaca said.

PDM will not withdraw its candidate in favour of Chirtoaca

Honorary President of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) won’t withdraw the candidate for mayor of Chisinau. This stand, announced immediately after the declaration by PLDM about withdrawal of its candidate in favour of PL candidate, Dorin Chirtoaca, was reconfirmed by the party chairman, Marian Lupu, after consultations with colleagues in the party. Marian Lupu has reasoned by saying that PDM is a centre-left party and therefore it cannot help the liberal Dorin Chirtoaca by retreating from the race; otherwise, if remaining in the competition the PDM candidate would reduce the chances of the strong PCRM candidate).

For PCRM candidate, Igor Dodon, the PLDM decision is a gift

Igor Dodon reacted to PLDM decision to withdraw Victor Bodiu from the electoral race in favour of Dorin Chirtoaca by saying that “Mister Filat on his birthday gave me a gift. An electoral gift. Withdrawing Mr. Bodiu from race, the Prime Minister created all the prerequisites for me to win the City campaign in first round”. According to Dodon, citizens are dissatisfied by misery in the capital city, unpleased with the current mayor Chirtoaca, they will not disperse the votes any more, but will mobilize themselves and support Igor Dodon. (Source: Unimedia)

CEC approves the first financial reports

According to the decision approved by CEC, until 6 May 2011 the following electoral competitors submitted financial reports:

The following parties did not submit their financial reports and were warned:

After verifying presented reports it was found that reported income and expense match the data provided by banks where the electoral competitors have their “Electoral Fund” account open. It was also found that the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD), not having yet the status of electoral competitor on April 15, 2011, has produced according to the order no.651 with “Prag-3” Ltd., an electoral leaflet in 10,000 copies, but its financial report for the period April 21 to May 6, 2011 does not reflect any income and expenses for producing these leaflets, and its bank has not confirmed either some financial transactions in this regard. CEC asked the Main State Tax Inspectorate to verify the sources of income and expenditure incurred for printing the PPCD leaflet.

Awareness raising campaign “From small to Great”

Central Electoral Commission launched an awareness raising campaign on the eve of general local elections of June 5, 2011, entitled “From small to Great” and the slogan “With small steps we do great things!” will also present the election authority in a new hypostasis to the general public. The awareness raising campaign launched by CEC includes traditional means of information: video and audio, printed material (leaflets, posters and billboards), as well as the use of internet (CEC website voteaza.md, banners on most famous websites and social networks).All materials will be disseminated / placed throughout the country. From May 25 to June 3 a mobile team will disseminate informative materials in all the towns of Moldova. The campaign is financed from the state budget (about 300 000 USD), the Council of Europe and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.

PLD candidate invokes a mafia system in Chisinau city hall

Candidate for mayor of capital city on behalf of the Law and Justice Party, Marcel Darie, held a press conference where he declared that for many years a mafia system functions in the Chisinau City Hall that controls everything related to construction authorization in the capital. According to Darie, all schemes for appropriation of financial flows for designing and construction permits are patronized by senior officials within the municipality, in particular, deputy mayor Nistor Grozavu and deputy chief architect of the capital city, Vlad Modîrcă. Marcel Darie has not presented evidences, but said that eventually the people who have suffered because of those activities will make statements. (Source: Infotag)

Solutia.md is attacked

The site www.solutia.md, created by the team of the Liberal Party (PL) was allegedly attacked by hackers. This information is displayed in a PL press release, whereby the statistics of site visits in the last three days show a change of the angle of interest, most visitors being from abroad and only about 2% from Moldova. These data show that organized nature of DDoS attack and the after situation is monitored and under control by PL technical team. (Source: ARENA)

PPCD posted billboards

Christian Democratic People’s Party has posted billboards at the entrance to Chisinau with the message “Welcome to Chisinau, city with broken roads”. According to PPCD representatives, the purpose of the billboards is to inform citizens and voters about disastrous situation the city roads. The message is written in three languages: Romanian, Russian and English, and the question whether this would compromise the Chisinau image in front of foreigners, PPCD representative said “We are not afraid to present reality”.

PCRM calls on people again

The Party of Communists launched an appeal to the people of the Republic of Moldova, whereby it congratulates on the occasion of the anniversary of the Great Victory and attacks the current government, accusing it of usurping the state power and propaganda of fascist heroes. PCRM urges all Moldovan people to say out loud, to penetrate the whole country with the statement: “We are not losers! We are the Winners!” (Source: PCRM)

Seven candidates for Comrat city hall

Seven candidates filed papers fro Comrat mayor office: The race for municipal councillors will involve 88 competitors, of whom 10 are nominated by parties, and 78 are independents.