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Election News from May 13, 2011

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Prosecutor’s Office takes control of the electoral situation

General Prosecutor’s Office will oversee the examination of complains related to violation of the electoral law, violation of the right to vote or prevention of citizens to freely express their opinion. The General Prosecutor sent a methodological instruction to all territorial prosecutors warning them to ensure the accumulation at the Prosecutor’s Office of all relevant information about the electoral law breaches in the local elections of June 5 and examine them in a prioritized manner. The document also provides that the Prosecutor’s Office bodies are obliged to examine complaints of election fraud and react, when necessary. Prosecutors will ensure the criminal investigation of election frauds in narrow terms, in order to establish if these frauds could affect the election results. The results of criminal investigation will be considered by the Constitutional Court when validating elections. (source: General Prosecutor’s Office)

JCC informed about the polling station in Corjova

At the sitting of the Joint Control Commission (JCC), the Moldova’s representative announced about the opening of a polling station in the village of Corjova, situated in the security zone. Moldova’s representative urged the JCC to contribute to the creation of conditions for holding local elections, for ensuring the constitutional right of citizens to elect and be elected. Transnistrian side has expressed concerns about Moldova’s intentions, reminding that previous attempts to hold elections in Corjova escalated the situation, while the deputy president JCC from Transnistrian side called Chisinau’s actions a direct provocation and has not excluded a possible confrontation. (source: Infotag)

PLDM accuses unprecedented attacks

According to a press release, in the night of 12th to 13th May 2011, the family of the PLDM candidate for Ialoveni district, Efim Agrici, was attacked, maltreated and robbed in its own house by three masked persons. In the same night, a similar case occurred in the village of Tipala, Ialoveni district, where masked persons would have entered the house of the PLDM candidate for mayor, Ion Cotorobai, and attacked his wife. PLDM firmly condemns these criminal acts and asks the Ministry of the Interior, General Prosecutor’s Office, Security and Intelligence Service and CCECC to pay close attention to these cases and investigate them efficiently; invoking the fact that from the beginning of the election campaign PLDM was a target for several unprecedented attacks. (source: PLDM)

PL came to a game without opponents

The team of candidates for councilor of the Liberal Party, headed by the candidate for General Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, was presented on the Republican Stadium, where they expected to meet their opponents from PCRM leaded by Igor Dodon, Communists candidate for Chisinau mayor. The PL team aligned, welcomed the “phantom” opponent, after which Dorin Chirtoaca declared that the PCRM absence gives a 3–0 score win for PL.

Dodon has waited Chirtoaca in other place

The PCRM candidate, Igor Dodon has waited Dorin Chirtoaca on Alba Iulia Street, where he wanted to have public debates on problems faced by Chisinau municipality. In the absence of Chirtoaca, Dodon delivered a speech in which formulated 13 questions for his opponent about the problems of Chisinau and solutions for them.

The PPCD candidate waits for Chirtoaca, too

The PPCD candidate for General Mayor of Chisinau municipality, Radu Busila, invites Dorin Chirtoaca to a public debate at the Tantareni garbage dump on May 16, 10.00. Busila wants to speak with Chirtoaca about issues of Chisinau garbage collection and storage and promises to show the PL candidate and citizens how to solve these issues.

PSD candidate makes international appeals

The PSD candidate for General Mayor of Chisinau municipality, Sergiu Coropceanu made an appeal to citizens of neighboring countries, Romania and Ukraine, citizens of CIS countries and Moldovan Diaspora abroad, asking for their support of Moldova’s representatives at the “Eurovision” Song Contest. Coropceanu wants to mobilize all Moldovans living abroad and citizens of other states to vote for “Zdob şi Zdub” band, because the victory in the Eurovision Contest will allow transforming Chisinau in a modern European capital city, attractive for guests and tourists.

PDM reaction to statements of the PPCD candidate for Balti

Local organization of the Democratic Party in Balti has reacted to statement of the PPCD candidate for mayor of Balti municipality, Igor Ciuru who made an appeal to the leaders of PLDM, PDM and PCRM to withdraw their candidates for Balti municipality, because they are people of the 20th century, when the world lives in the 21st century. First deputy chair of PDM Balti organization asserts that the statement of Igor Ciuru is a political and momentary one, meant to attract media attention and that the PDM team in Balti decided to nominate Anatoli Harcenko as candidate for mayor of Balti, who is an experienced man and good manager. (source: hotnews.md)

Former AMN member deplores the situation of AIE

Alexandru Oleinic, one of founders of the former party “Alianţa Moldova Noastră” (Our Moldova Alliance), has declared that the number of undecided voters will double before the parliamentary elections and will exceed 60%, while all components of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) works directly or indirectly in favor of communists. In the opinion of Oleinic the revenges among the leaders of AIE, compromising materials, accidental meetings, departure of key figures from various parties — all these actions bring votes to the PCRM. Oleinic also considers that shortly before parliamentary elections at least two new political parties will be launched around the key figures which have already left or will leave the political parties, where they carry out their activity. It is not excluded that the current situation will help them to attract some of the undecided voters and thus to become more successful political projects than the parties that began their activity when the AEI was created. (source: Info-Prim Neo)