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Election News from April 21, 2011

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PLDM candidates start before the official registration

Liberal Democratic Party candidate running for Mayor of Chisinau, Victor Bodiu, presented his Electoral Commitment for the general local elections of June 5 “Together for Chisinau!”, which contains 7 priorities:

The promises provide: to attract investments for opening 15 industrial enterprises and creating 25,000 well-paid jobs; to install individual heating units in every block, which will reduce by 20 percent the price for hot water and heating; to renovate completely 100 km of streets of urban and sector importance; to provide financial and logistic assistance in order to thermo-isolate the blocks; to ensure full illumination of streets and traffic lights on all intersections with increased risk of accidents, etc.

Gennady Dumanschi, PLDM candidate for councillor, the current chairman of Municipal Council, mentioned that Liberal Democrat team will deepen relations with Government, academia and civil society to ensure a prosperous and safe future to Chisinau. PLDM candidates have stated the party will conduct a clean, civilized campaign, without personal attacks.

Note: Presentation of PLDM electoral platform and candidates took place before their official registration by the constituency electoral Council, which made the other competitors and media to comment critically the early start of PLDM.

PCRM candidate also starts before the official registration

The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) has presented its electoral platform, the candidate for general mayor and the team for the municipal Council. Igor Dodon, PCRM candidate for general mayor, declared the presentation was organized because it is the “Clean Thursday”, and the park where the event took place is one of the dirtiest in the capital city, and that is how the cleaning starts. Attending the presentation, the PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin stated that during the eight years the party has shown that it has professionals who can solve the most important issues, who have proved they are able to improve people’s lives, and Igor Dodon is the most worthy candidate of all those who want to become mayor of Chisinau.

PL starts after the official registration

Liberal Party (PL) started running in electoral race for the Chisinau Municipal Council, after the registration of PL list of candidates by the constituency electoral. The presentation of candidates for the council was also attended by municipal mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, who stated he wants to rely during the next four years of work on a team that is ready to ensure a skilful and active majority in the Municipal Council. The campaign slogan of the Liberal Party is: “Together with Dorin Chirtoaca for Chisinau”. (Source: Liberal Party)

Former AMN member Alexandru Oleinic will launch a new party after the summer elections

Alexandru Oleinic, former member of the Party Our Moldova Alliance (AMN), declared in an interview that he remains active in politics, and after the local elections of June 5, he could launch a new political project based on AMN members, who are dissatisfied with the disappearance of the party, as well as on other persons disappointed with the work of the ruling alliance. Oleinic said the new project could be launched after the local elections of June 5, to avoid being perceived as is stealing votes from some opponents and to be a long term project. (Source: Timpul)

Migration from PDM is denied

At a press conference, several persons, who introduced themselves as members of Botanica territorial organization of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), stated that about 300 party members leave the party. (Source: Infotag)

Leaving the Democratic Party by members of Botanica organization is denied by PDM official statement, according to which Mr. Serghei Poddubnîi, who claims to represent a group of party members, does not represent the Democratic Party, since he was expelled from the party long before. Statements from the press conference made by people who have no relation to the PDM are appreciated as an unsuccessful attempt by electoral competitors to make their campaign at the expense of the Democratic Party by discrediting the party. (Source: PDM)

PSD also has filed documents for city council

Sergiu Coropceanu, candidate of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) for general mayor of Chisinau municipality, has filed documents for registration of the PSD list of candidates for Chisinau municipal council. PSD list of candidates is called “list of people’s candidates”, which does not contain businessmen or politicians, but includes people who know the problems of the capital city. (Source: PSD)