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Election News from April 28, 2011

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Bandit attack on PLDM candidate

Unidentified persons tried to enter the premises of Buiucani PLDM territorial organization, but were noticed by PLDM member. According to a PLDM press release, after realizing that he was seen, one of the criminals hit Spoiala with a knife, causing her a hand wound, which needed medical care. Representatives of the district electoral staff announced the law enforcement bodies about the incident and police is investigating the case. PLDM qualifies this incident as an intimidation attempt and requests the police to trace criminals so as to hold them accountable. (Source: PLDM)

PCRM has solutions for youth

Igor Dodon, PCRM candidate for Chisinau mayor office, has presented his offer in the election program for young people, entitled “Our solutions for YOUth”. The program provides, inter alia, for:

PLDM proposes “Affordable housing”

PLDM launched a project which facilitates purchasing housing for young and low-income families: lower prices by 35% due to interest rates subsidies, lending term up to 20 years and lending possibility with no obligation of first instalment. The candidate for Mayor of Chisinau, Victor Bodiu, who launched the initiative, said it is a proposal to establishment a Credit Guarantee Fund for Housing, which will compensate first instalment for real estate loan, the interest rate will be compensated so that it is not higher than current rent payment. The cost of the works may be reduced, in Bodiu’s opinion, through free allocation of unused land, since in the municipality of Chisinau about 800 hectares of such land were identified. The program will begin by institutionalizing the Municipal Housing Agency, which will be based on a partnership agreement between Chisinau City Hall, Government, Association of commercial banks and Employers of construction companies. Attending the event, Prime Minister Vlad Filat said that resolving the housing problem, especially in Chisinau, is possible only through a comprehensive approach in a partnership between Government, local authorities and development partners. According to the statements, the implementation of the initiative “Affordable Housing” will allow giving annually in service 500–1000 apartments in Chisinau. (Source: PLDM)

PNL insists on fighting corruption in the municipal administration

National Liberal Party (PNL) has launched its electoral platform for administration of the city, released under the slogans: “Choose PNL! Choose the common sense!, Choose with common sense!” PNL believes that reforms are dramatically late in Chisinau and promotes a new concept for local public administration, which also provides for:

The media invokes pardons on political criteria

According to investigations conducted by the newspaper “Adevarul”, the interim Head of State Leonid pardoned Leonid Balan, leader of the Democratic Party organization in Rezina, which was denied the right to hold senior positions in public administration for a period of five years, because being mayor of a locality, he had breached the law in cases of alienation of public assets. According to the newspaper, Leonid Balan funded the PDM campaign in 2010 with about 90,000 lei, and recently was elected as chairman of Rezina Constituency Electoral Council, being appointed by PDM. According to the decree signed by the Interim President Marian Lupu, the additional punishment imposed on Leonid Balan, sentenced on 27 February 2007 by Rezina Court, is pardoned. It’s worthwhile to note that after the final decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, Balan was to resign as mayor and hand the stamp of the institution, but he refused to do so, even after repeated attempts of bailiffs. For non-enforcement of court sentence, a new conviction was applied for one year and six months with suspension. Leonid Balan says he has no fault and that criminal prosecution and court proceedings were held in violation of procedural rules, and the convicting sentence is based solely on the evidence of accusation without taken into account his and witnesses statements. At the same time, the Regulation for reviewing the applications for pardoning and granting individual pardoning to the convicted person (approved by presidential decree nr.1646/05.09.2000) provides that “if the pardon applications contain references to ungrounded conviction or to violation of law, these requests shall be sent for verification to the Prosecutor General Office”.