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Election News from June 9, 2011

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Foreign Ministry replies to Russian MFA

The press service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and European Integration has released a communiqué to express perplexity with the comment published by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) regarding the results of the June 5 local elections in Moldova. The Moldovan Foreign Ministry replies that the Russian Ministry should provide concrete facts, and avoid situations when statements could be interpreted as immixture in interior affairs of a state or attempts to openly support an electoral candidate. Moldova respects the standards and rigours of the Council of Europe and OSCE, and the reports of these relevant election monitoring missions reveal objectively and evidently a gradual progress forward free, fair and democratic elections in Moldova. (Source: MAEIE)

AIE supports Dorin Chirtoaca

The leaders of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE), Mihai Ghimpu, Vlad Filat and Marian Lupu, have signed a joint statement to support the candidate of the Liberal Party (PL), Dorin Chirtoaca, in the runoff vote for the Chisinau City Hall. The statement says that the election of a democratic mayor to rule the capital will enhance the internal cohesion of society, and will strengthen the European support and sympathy for Moldova, and invites citizens not to be lured by lie, demagogy and populism and to help elect the mayor in the runoff vote. AIE representatives promise to take joint actions with the purpose to help their candidates in other localities and build the alliance at level of district and local councils. PDM leader Marian Lupu stated that the AIE candidate in Chisinau is a symbol of the earlier declared goals which depend too much on results of elections. PL chairman Mihai Ghimpu is confident that Dorin Chirtoaca will win the elections and “he is happy that we are all together and thank our PLDM and PDM fellows for this support.” Ghimpu invited electors not to take into account some divergences inside of the alliance, as AIE member parties will be together for the future of the country and people. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

Former AMN member criticises AIE, but invites electors to support it

Alexandru Oleinic, former member of the Moldova Noastra (Our Moldova) Alliance (recently absorbed by PLDM), fears that the comeback of the PCRM rule is unavoidable because of the cold war inside of the ruling alliance, and imminent early elections and the recorded results, particularly in the capital of Moldova confirm one more time the attitude of population towards the governing alliance. Oleinic bitterly criticises the Alliance for European Integration (AIE), but invites voters to support it in the runoff vote of local elections. According to Oleinic, chaotic attempts to blame either young people or journalists are nothing but recognition of own mistakes, as well as of actions taken the last months, which were part of an image-building campaign rather than an approach of economic and social problems of Moldova. The former AMN member regrets the sacrifice of the Moldova Noastra Alliance, which was “just a raider attack to eliminate a player from political scene and a strategic step to strengthen a component of the alliance.” (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

PCRM candidate accuses mayor of corruption, apprises prosecutor’s office

Igor Dodon, as member of the Parliament, has notified the Prosecutor-General’s Office in connection with embezzlement of municipal funds, protectionism and misuse of authority by Mayor-General Dorin Chirtoaca. According to a letter to the prosecutor’s office, Dodon invokes some actions of the City Hall which he describes as doubtful and affected by private interests: Dodon told an ordinary sitting of the Parliament that he has revealed just some evidence, but he has plans to provide more evidence.

PCRM seeks dismissal of AIE and CEC, calls on voters

The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) has organised a protest meeting in front of the Palace of Republic which hosts the sittings of the Parliament. Protestors demanded the dismissal of the Alliance for European Integration and Central Electoral Commission, accusing the latter of having prevented the election of mayor-general by accepting violations and encouraged a runoff vote for election of Chisinau mayor. PCRM Deputy Serghei Sirbu told the Parliament that people seek the dismissal of CEC and the PCRM faction demanded the inclusion of the president election procedure in agenda and the resignation of Speaker Marian Lupu. Further, the PCRM faction left the sitting hall, as the dismissal of CEC and speaker was not included in agenda. Communist parliamentarians said that they do not want to participate in what they described as a chaos.

PCRM chairman Vladimir Voronin has signed a call on voters from Chisinau municipality, saying that for twenty years the capital of the country is in the hands of some unprofessional persons who are incapable to rule the city, but now all Chisinau residents have the chance to improve the things. The PCRM leader is confident that Igor Dodon along with the PCRM majority in the Municipal council is capable to settle the problems of the city.

PL seeks recounting of ballots for municipal council

The Liberal Party (PL) seeks the recounting of ballots for the Chisinau Municipal Council within the June 5, 2011 elections. The demand was consulted with AIE member parties and was submitted to the Centru Law Court, which is charge with validation of elections. The PL candidate running for Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, said that he seeks the recounting of the votes in order to prevent any speculations related to election frauds. Chirtoaca raised concern with the big number of invalid ballots for the June 5 elections (7,655 ballot papers), compared with only 2,272 ballots invalidated at the November 28, 2010 parliamentary elections. He noted that many violations have been observed during general local elections, presenting some pictures of ballot papers with the “voted” stamp for which electors were rewarded after giving their votes. In this respect, PL will ask the Central Electoral Commission to recommend the withdrawal of curtains from polling booths for the runoff vote in Chisinau. As well, Chirtoaca demanded a strengthened control in Stauceni, as residents from other localities who had temporary permits in the suburb concerned issued shortly before the elections were taken in an organised manner on June 5 to cast their ballots there. (Source: PL)