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Election News from May 12, 2011

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New information about media monitoring

The public initiative “MediaMonitoring-2011” issued the second weekly report about media activity on the eve of general local elections. According to the presented information: (source: Novosti-Moldova)

Persons with disabilities wish to have conditions for voting

Persons with physical deficiencies, unable to proper move or see, have protested in front of the parliamentary session hall in order to demand the right to vote. Protesters complaint they don’t have access to polling stations due to the lack of rails and balustrades, as well as that doors and lifts are too narrow. Protesters installed an improvised ballot box and tried, from a distance of several meters, to through into it paper-aircrafts, which imitated the voting ballots, but without any success. According to representatives of the Association “Motivaţie”, in Moldova there are about 170 thousand people with various disabilities, who reached the voting age and many of them cannot fulfil their voting right because the polling stations are placed in inaccessible places. (source: Info-Prim Neo)

Verbal duels remain monologs and turn up in sport competitions

Dorin Chirtoacă, PL candidate to the general mayor office of Chişinău municipality, invited Igor Dodon, PCRM candidate to capital mayor office, to public debates. Dodon ignored the invitation to the venue proposed by Chirtoacă (water treatment plant), proposing another place (Alba Iulia street), for which Chirtoacă did not confirm his participation. Later on Chirtoacă invited Dodon to a football match on the territory of former National Stadium, demolished during the PCRM governance.

Igor Dodon invited Prime Minister Vlad Filat to a volley match, but Prime Minister refused, stating that he will measure his forces with Dodon after elections when he will invite him to learn the judo procedures, particularly how to fall without being hurt. PCRM candidate rejected Filat’s invitation, declaring that he practices team-sport, and Vlad Filat may just go on and practice the political judo.

Ex-democrat candidate to municipal councillor

A group of former members of Democratic Party nominated Serghei Poddubnîi as independent candidate to the office of municipal councillor of the capital city. Within a press conference, Poddubnîi listed the priorities for his activity, in case he is elected as councillor: (source: Infotag)

New accusation of fraud in capital city hall

Independent candidate to the office of municipal councillor, Fiodor Ghelici, declared he will notify the General Prosecution Service concerning the fact that civil servants of Chişinău City Hall stops the enforcement of court decisions. Ghelici invoked the situation of a company, which procured some real estate, which was then registered with the Cadastral Office, but in order to privatize the adjacent land the company needs the approval of Chişinău Municipal Council, and besides nearly 3 million lei that should be paid by the company legally, the company was requested to pay 270 thousand lei for “fast resolution of this issue”. Fiodor Ghelici is sceptical about the success of Dorin Chirtoacă and promises a box of qualitative divine to PL Chairman, Mihai Ghimpu, in case if Chirtoacă wins in municipal elections. (source: Info-Prim Neo)

“Third Force” fights with tariffs

The youth from the Electoral Bloc “Third Force”, headed by Valeriu Plesca, gathers signatures in order to request the local authorities to adjust the housing and communal tariffs to the real revenues of consumers. According to EB “Third Force”, this action is needed due to high tariffs for natural gas, electricity, heating and other housing services. The organisers of signature collection process wish to make the central and local authorities aware about the need to adopt some decisions that would lead to reduction of tariffs for communal services.

Minister of Economy promises “Economic umbrella”

Minister of Economy, PDM member Valeriu Lazăr, promises an “economic umbrella” for Valentina Buliga, in case if she gets the office of Chişinău general mayor. The team of democratic economists believes that technological parks are the salvation for Chişinău, and they should be established based on the assets of big companies inherited from soviet system and are frozenly unused for the moment. (source: www.buliga.md)