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Election News from May 25, 2011

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Exit-poll for June 5 elections

A consortium of institutions will organise an exit-poll on June 5, commissioned by Publika TV. The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has accredited 200 persons to question voters at exit of polling stations. Polls will be conducted at polling stations in Chisinau municipality by “CBS-AXA” Centre together with the Institute for Public Policy and the European Institute for Political Studies.

Documentation offices will be open on June 5

All population record and documentation offices of CRIS “Registru” will be open on June 5, 2011 from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. This decision was made to ensure good conditions for general local elections. Upon demand of Moldovan citizens who hold the right to vote, including those in detention or custody, CRIS “Registru” will issue identity papers needed to participate in elections: identity cards or temporary identity papers. Upon application by voters who do not have domicile/residence registration documents, population record and documentation offices will issue certificates which attest the last registration or the absence of such a document. (Source: www.registru.md)

Mobile electoral education

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) will inform voters from cities of the country via a mobile team, a promotional minibus will cross all Moldova, stopping in downtowns to disseminate leaflets indicating the identity documents needed for voting. The promotional minibus is part of the information campaign “Old and Young” conducted by CEC for the June 5, 2011 general local elections.

Electoral violence gainsaid

A PDM candidate running for the local council in commune of Singera, Chisinau municipality, claims to have been assaulted during a clash witnessed by Valeriu Poiata, PLDM candidate to the office of Singera mayor. PDM said in a communication that a lawyer is examining the case in order to notify electoral authorities in connection with illegal campaigning methods. (Source: PDM)

In its turn, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) turns down any allegations that its candidate to the office of Singera mayor was involved in clashes on May 24 evening and describes accusations by PDM contestant as irresponsible and electoral. PLDM regrets that an AIE member launches bitter and groundless assaults against mates and invites all players involved in general elections to prove common sense and responsibility. (Source: PLDM)

PL candidate supported by ecologists and Anti-Mafia Movement

The Chisinau-based territorial organisation of the “Alianta Verde” (Green Alliance) Ecologist Party of Moldova (PEMAVE) will support Liberal Party (PL) candidate Dorin Chirtoaca in the race for the office of Chisinau Mayor-General. Representatives of regional branches of PEMAVE have made this announcement at a news conference. According to the secretary-general of the party, Andrei Dumbraveanu, there is certain autonomy inside of the party and this allows the territorial organisation from Moldovan capital to make such a decision, and supporting Chirtoaca would be part of a spectre of values defended by party members. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

Sergiu Mocanu, leader of the Anti-Mafia Movement, supports Dorin Chirtoaca in electoral race for Chisinau Mayor, but he does not warm PL leader Mihai Ghimpu. Mocanu accuses Ghimpu of being funded by Vlad Plahotniuc, saying that Chirtoaca is the only honest person who should lead the PL.

PCRM candidate still accused of damages, but will support Zoo

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, Igor Dodon, is accused by PL leader Mihai Ghimpu of using poems by his late brother Simion Ghimpu without writer’s consent, recording them on a CD to promote the “I Love Moldova” campaign. Contacted to comment the accusations by PL leader, Dodon described them as electoral provocations, assuring that the CD concerned was recorded by an initiative group which holds all necessary legal contracts and certificates. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

Sergiu Coropceanu, PSD candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, claims that the Moldovan capital suffered pecuniary damages in eight years of Communist rule, and the PCRM contestant Igor Dodon as former minister of economy made decisions to meet interests of some people but affect residents of the city. Coropceanu indicated the sale of some state properties, loss of property right on Republican Circus, sale of the National Youth Centre building from “Valea Trandafirilor” park, cancellation of the contract with a Belgian company which started demolishing and reconstructing the Republican Stadium in Chisinau, failed projects aimed to build a Free Economic Zone on territory of the Tractor Manufacturing Plant, failed infrastructure plans, failure to revive enterprises “Mezon”, “Signal” and turn them into trade areas to sell household appliances and clothes, discharge of the “Valea Morilor” lake and illegal tender to rebuild it etc. (Source: www.psdm.md)

Igor Dodon pledges to help developing the Zoological Garden in Chisinau, inclusively by building a terrarium and promoting patronage of this institution by certain economic agents. According to Dodon, the Chisinau-based Zoo is a municipal enterprise and one of few natural-educative areas in capital, and its problems should capture the attention of city authorities. If elected mayor of Chisinau, he will do his best to improve living conditions for animals from the Zoo and will test patronage of various enterprises and institutions on animals.

Better public transport seen by Mihai Godea

Mihai Godea, independent candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, has introduced a seven-step platform aimed to improve the public transport in Moldovan capital: Godea introduced his platform in front of the public transportation museum in Chisinau, driving up the idea that now municipal public transports are like exhibits from this museum.