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Election News from May 20, 2011

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New financial reports by contestants

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has approved a financial report on incomes and expenses of electoral candidates (cumulated), which indicates revenues worth 9,625,353.00 lei and spending worth 9,327,200.32 lei. According to reports on the last two weeks before May 20, 2011, the situation is the following: CEC asked the Main State Tax Inspectorate to check the income sources, records and use accordingly to destination of funds by electoral candidates who did not present financial reports: CEC warned these electoral contestants that they have breached Article 38 (8) of the Electoral Code.

AIS “Elections” to be tested

CEC will test some modules of the state automated information system (AIS) “Elections” at the general local elections on June 5, 2011, with the pilot project being expected to cover 43 polling stations in the Centru district of Chisinau municipality. For this purpose, CEC decided to allow operators of the pilot projects AIS “Elections” to assist all electoral operations in the polling stations 111–153 on Election Day.

Bitter confrontations on radio

Candidates representing PNL (A.Donica) and PL (O.Cernei) who run for Municipal Council have got involved into bitter confrontations during debates aired by radio station “Vocea Basarabiei”, which turned into insults and clashes and made the police intervene. Clashes also involved some journalists, invitees or employees of the radio station. PNL representatives released a communication urging the Interior Ministry and CEC to intervene, so that not to harm the democratic and electoral process. (Source: PNL)

Electoral curiosities: three contestants have same names, another two are relatives

There candidates running for the office of mayor in commune of Condratesti, rayon of Ungheni, have identical first and second names: Ion Bodrug. According to residents, the three contestants are differentiated and recognised by their nicknames, and the surname of each of them will be printed on ballot papers. Nine candidates run for Condratesti mayor. (Source: Expresul de Ungheni)

Two cousins run for the office of mayor in village of Suric, rayon of Cimislia, which has about 600 electors: incumbent mayor Alexandru Ghenciu and his cousin Efim Ghenciu, with both of them representing parliamentary parties. The two contestants asked each other to withdraw from electoral race, but none of them stepped down. Relatives do not warm the decision of the two cousins. (Source: Publika TV)

Laptops from Chisinau support PL, vandals destroy its advertising in territory

Liberal young people have organised a flash-mob themed “Your laptop supports Dorin Chirtoaca” in the Public Garden “Stefan cel Mare si Sfant” in Chisinau, installing a box in the Alley of Classicists and “symbolically” voting Dorin Chirtoaca. This way, young people expressed their gratitude to Dorin Chirtoaca, who provided the opportunity to use wireless internet in several parks from Chisinau.

On May 20 evening, unidentified persons set on fire two billboards featuring the PL candidate running for the Nisporeni mayor office, Ghenadie Verdes, and vandalised 10 billboards featuring the same competitor and PL councillors in sectors of Nisporeni city. The PL leadership raises concern and grief, condemns vandalism and urges competent organs to investigate and punish the doers. (Source: PL)