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Election News from June 20, 2011

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Chirtoaca nominated winner after thrilling night

According to preliminary results released by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) after processing all reports, the PL candidate who ran for Chisinau mayor’s seat, Dorin Chirtoaca, won 50.60 percent of the valid ballots and his opponent Igor Dodon gained 49.40 percent.

These results were also confirmed by an independent parallel counting carried out by observers deployed by Promo-LEX Association. According to the results released by Pormo-LEX at a news conference, 50.66 percent of voters elected Dorin Chirtoaca and 49.34 percent elected Igor Dodon. The parallel counting was operated in 300 polling stations.

Winner’s first statements

Dorin Chirtoaca promises to be the mayor of everybody, regardless of the voters’ political option, and to take care of all residents of Chisinau municipality. He acknowledges that his victory is due to the more active voter turnout. The newly-elected mayor is waiting for the recounted results for the Chisinau Municipal Council and will discuss about the council just afterwards.

Igor Dodon not feeling himself defeated

The PCRM candidate who ran for Chisinau mayor, Igor Dodon, has told a press briefing that he does not feel himself defeated, as the difference of one percent does not mean failure, and assured that the results of the June 19 elections were falsified through various methods. Dodon gratified electors and promised to Chisinau residents that he and his team will use all ways to protect their voters.