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Election News from May 24, 2011

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Financial reports by independent candidates in Chisinau

The electoral council of the Chisinau municipal electoral district has approved a financial report concerning incomes and expenses of electoral candidates in the campaign for the June 5, 2011 general local elections: revenues worth 337,149.46 lei and spending worth 17,018.17 lei, as of May 23, 2011. Following candidates presented financial reports: Candidate Poddubnii Serghei did not present any financial report and was notified.

Civic control signals campaign-related violations

The Civic Control — Elections 2011 Coalition has tabled a report signalling contraventions and violations of electoral legislation. According to the report, PDM is leader of offenders of advertising rules prior to local elections and representatives of this party have been noticed in connection with attempts to bribe people from Moldovan villages by disseminating foodstuffs in packs with party symbols. As well, the report notes that the interim chief of state is actively participating in electoral campaign of the PDM candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, instead of dealing with problems of the country. The report says that PLDM representatives are doing black PR against Party of Communists, bringing groundless accusations of illegal land purchase against a candidate running for the office of mayor of a village from the rayon of Orhei and preserving in Chisinau some billboards which invite voters to vote Victor Bodiu as mayor of the capital, while this candidate stepped down and runs for the Municipal Council only. (Source: Noutati Moldova)

Invalids of local wars and conflicts from Dubasari will bar elections in Corjova

The organisation of invalids of local wars and armed conflicts from Dubasari says that it “will not accept provocations and local elections of the neighbouring Republic of Moldova in the Corjova mini-district of Dubasari city from Transnistrian Moldovan Republic.” A statement by organisation’s presidium says that the association is “indignant with the decision of Moldova’s CEC to open a polling station in Corjova on June 5 for elections to local administration organs,” and invites CEC “not to strain the situation in the mini-district of Corjova, to respect the Constitution of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, to respect the 1992 key treaty and to hold elections in the neighbouring village of Cocieri.” (Source: Infotag)

PCRM candidate accused of manipulation

The head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, Dirk Schuebel, has refuted reports that he accompanied PCRM candidate Igor Dodon during his recent visit to Brussels. A statement released by the EU Delegation to Moldova regarding the trip of Ambassador Schuebel to Brussels says that the Delegation takes an absolutely neutral stance in the upcoming local and regional elections in Moldova, and stresses that Ambassador Dirk Schuebel did not accompany the member of Parliament and the candidate of the PCRM for mayor of Chisinau municipality on his visit to Brussels. At the same time, the Delegation facilitated the organisation of a few unofficial meetings of Mr. Dodon with interlocutors of the European Commission and the European External Action Service at technical level, but it was not involved at all in his meetings with Belgian politicians and officials. On the other hand, the communication released by PCRM on May 19RO, which says that Igor Dodon would be visiting Brussels during May 19–21 to meet Belgian and European officials as candidate to the position of Chisinau Mayor-General, and would be accompanied by Dirk Schuebel, head of the EU Delegation to Moldova, on Thursday, May 19, to have meetings with European high-ranking officials, members of the European Parliament, political leaders, is still available on the PCRM website.

Singer Ion Paladi has plans to sue the PCRM candidate running for the Chisinau Mayor office, Igor Dodon, for having recorded one of his songs on a CD used for campaigning purposes. Paladi assures that his consent was not demanded, while Dodon says in his turn that the CD was launched by "an initiative group which holds the campaign "Moldova, I Love You".

PLD candidate accuses deputy mayor of capital

Marcel Darie, candidate of the Party of Law and Justice (PLD), has held a news conference and introduced a retiring woman who said that three years ago the wife of Deputy Mayor of Chisinau Nistor Grozavu asked a 600-leu bribe for an urbanism certificate. Darie stated after the conference that Maria Grozavu, wife of the deputy mayor, invited the retiree concerned to “discuss” the way the documents needed to legalise her residence have been issued.

PL has solutions for PCRM headquarter

The team of candidates of the Liberal Party (PL) running for Chisinau Municipal Council has organised a news conference in front of the Centru Law Court, which was expected to consider charges of authority abuse and illegal acquisition by PCRM of a land plot to further build the luxury headquarter. The PL team presented a set of documents related to illegalities that the communists would have committed to build the headquarter, and urged the PCRM to turn the luxury building into a rehabilitation facility for veterans, retirees, invalids and young people, under a court judgement. (Source: PL)

PLDM threatened to be killed

A candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) running for Ialoveni mayor has got a death threat in front of witnesses inside of mayoralty. He was threatened by an independent candidate to the city council, son of the incumbent Ialoveni mayor. PLDM claims that though they compete independently, both the incumbent mayor and his son enjoy an open support from PCRM. The PLDM candidate submitted a complaint undersigned by witnesses of the incident to the district police commissariat. (Source: PLDM)