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Election News from April 12, 2011

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Rules for placing advertising on billboards

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has changed the regulation on placing electoral advertising, and the advertising agencies will be required to provide a single candidate with not more than 10 percent of outdoor advertising space available in that constituency. Municipalities are obliged to provide panels for displaying electoral advertising, not less than one square meter per competitor.

CEC approved the number of 113 electoral officials who will temporarily suspend their work at permanent jobs in order to work within the constituency electoral councils of the second level and approved the models of permits for councillors, mayors and voting invitations.

The first electoral bloc

Socio-political Movement “New Force”, Moldova United Party and Republican People’s Party decided to form an electoral bloc for participation in general local elections. Electoral bloc will be called “The Third Force” and will be officially set up by signing an agreement and nominating the candidates for mayor office and city council of the capital city. The leader of the Movement “New Force” Valeriu Plesca, said that if the electoral bloc will nominate him as its candidate for mayor office of the capital city, he will accept the proposal, and hopes he will also get some mandates of councillors in order to form a faction within the Municipal Council, so that to be able to influence the formation of a majority in the Council. (According to Infotag)

PSD comes up with a new candidate

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will nominate Sergiu Coropceanu, PSD Secretary General, to the mayor office of the capital city. Coropceanu carries out various activities in economic and political area, as well as public activities in the field of sports (martial arts).