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Election News from May 3, 2011

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Filing documents from competitors in the capital city end upon May 5

Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council issued a press release, whereby informs the potential electoral competitors in general local elections to be held on June 5, 2011, that filing the candidate-files will end up on May 5, 2011, at 17.00.

CEC hotline is not quite famous

Approximately 50 calls (about 10 calls per day) were registered in first week since the Central Electoral Commission launched the “Hot line”, most of them being from potential independent candidates for the mayor of councillor office, who were asking about the documents that are necessary for registration. It is assessed that on the eve of elections the number of calls will increase up to 50–60 per day. (source: CEC)

PLDM deputy chair leaves the party and wished to run in elections

First deputy chair of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), leader of this party’ parliamentary faction, Mihai Godea, convened a press conference, where he announced his intention to run in elections as independent candidate for the Chisinau city hall. Initially Godea declared he launches a political action on his own, he stated he is disappointed by the Alliance’s activity and did not confirm that he leaves PLDM.

During the day Mihai Godea participated in several TV programs, where he supplemented his statements, inter alia, the following:

Answering the question regarding the statements made by Mihai Godea, PLDM leader Vlad Filat said the gesture of his colleague is a regrettable one, he was surprised by Godea’s decision to run for Chisinau mayor office and he avoided to provide details, just saying that the PLDM National Council was convened and it will tackle this issue.

Representatives of the Democratic Party of Moldova and those of the Liberal Party declared they are surprised by the gesture of Mihai Godea, but showed their conviction that the reasons that determined this decision won’t be disclosed soon. The new chairman of the Court of Accounts, Serafim Urechean, whose political party recently merged with PLDM, declared that Godea’s resignation is an electoral trick and in a while Godea may withdraw from electoral race for the city hall.

The candidate of democrats has launched advertising billboards and made congratulations on Press Freedom Day

Valentina Buliga, PDM candidate to Chisinau mayor office, has launched her electoral advertising by means of street billboards. Buliga also signed a congratulation message for journalists on the occasion of International Press Freedom Day.

Priorities of PPCD candidate

Radu Buşilă, candidate of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD) to the Chisinau mayor office, has made public his electoral platform, whereby he proposes three priorities for modernizing the capital city:

PLDM candidate signs and regrets

The candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova to the position of Chisinau mayor office, Victor Bodiu, has signed the Conduct Code concerning the campaigning and campaign coverage in general local elections of June 5, 2011 (previously this also was signed by 2 non-parliamentary parties). The Conduct Code represent a convention concluded among parties’ representatives, other social-political organizations, on one side, and representatives of mass-media, on the other, regarding the way of conducting and covering the electoral campaign, which exclude damaging the dignity and image of electoral competitors. (source: CEC)

Within a media briefing, Victor Bodiu declared that in recent weeks PLDM was subject to a number of attacks from electoral competitors “aiming at distorting the electoral campaign of PLDM”. Among those action, Bodiu noted:

Bodiu considers that intentioned tensioning of events will strengthen the communists and he made a call on all electoral competitors to sign the Conduct Code and to refrain from intimidations and provocations during the electoral campaign.

PCRM wants to “save Moldova”

The candidate of the Party of Communists to the Chisinau mayor office, Igor Dodon, considers that situation within the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) shows that it is based only on personal interests and today it reached the deadlock. Drawing similarities with the situation in 2001, Dodon stated that at that time the country was saved by communists, who will save it also in 2011.

Young communists support the campaign “St. Gheorghe Ribbon”

Representatives of Moldovan Union of Communist Youth (UTCM) declared that four thousand activists of the Union will participate in the action “St. Gheorghe Ribbon”, and by total on the whole territory of Moldova they are going to disseminate 200 thousand of these ribbons. The action started on May 3 and will end up on Victory Day — May 9. (source: newsmoldova.md)

PSD candidate promises premiums to “Zdob & Zdub”

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party to the Chisinau mayor office, Sergiu Coropceanu, has walked Moldovan delegation that left to Germany to participate in the “Eurovision” contest. Coropceanu promised the members of “Zdob & Zdub” band, who will represent Moldova at the contest, that in case of victory, he guarantees a premium of 1 million lei. PSD candidate doesn’t have these money, but they will be offered by members of social-democratic party, who guarantee the accomplishment of their candidate’ promises. (source: PSD)

The campaign is going on without violations — opinion of some observers

Representatives of some non-governmental organisations, who call themselves Coalition “Civic Control — Elections 2011”, convened a press conference, where they declared they did not noticed severe violations in the process of electoral campaign for local election of June 5. These observations concern the behaviour of some candidates who organise electoral “shows”, electoral posts in improper places and violations in registration some candidates in localities of the republic. (source: newsmoldova.md)