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Election News from May 16, 2011

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Training seminars

During May 16–24, 2011, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) holds training seminars to bring together heads and secretaries of all electoral bureaus of polling stations opened nationwide. The seminars will focus on key tasks of electoral bureaus of polling stations and best ways to fulfil them. (Source: CEC)

Correctness of voter rolls

Starting May 16, voters are welcome to check the correctness of voter rolls issued by local authorities, which are available at polling stations nationwide. Electors can contest before June 4, 2011 inclusively the absence or elimination of their names from voter rolls, as well as errors related to personal data or data on other voters. CEC will invite electors via TV advertising and internet to check the voter rolls.

PCRM candidate signs Conduct Code, calls for fairness

The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) represented by Igor Dodon has signed the code on conduct and coverage of the electoral campaign for the June 5, 2001 general local elections.

Dodon said in an appeal that the electoral campaign is strained; there are provocations, electoral diversions, gerrymanders, attacks, including hackers, serious accusations, arrangements, and assaults on electoral candidates. He invited all contestants including him to stop petty charges and diversions and to approach realities, problems, and solutions.

Third Force concerned about funding of some education institutions

The Third Force electoral bloc is concerned about some secondary schools which have their bank accounts locked up under a decision by the Ministries of Education and Finance. According to a press release, the decision to lock up the accounts came after a demand to lower wage-related expenses and, by taking such actions, administrations of the Ministry of Education and Finance obstruct the Government Decision concerning the rise of teachers’ salaries. On behalf of the Third Force electoral bloc, Valeriu Plesaca, who runs for Chisinau Mayor, asks authorities to annul the decisions concerned and pay off all debts to staffs from seven education institutions (Source: Unimedia)

Single independent candidate joins the campaign

Mihai Godea, independent candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, has joined the campaign for the June 5-scheduled local elections with the slogan “We need competent people above political games!” Godea introduced a seven-principle action plan seeking to modernise and renovate the Chisinau municipality: The electoral platform of Mihai Godea is based on innovating approaches regarding problems faced by Chisinau city and residents and the candidate believes that his independent status will help him cooperate with political forces represented into Municipal Council, as well as prevent political interests which bar the municipality from developing.

PDM candidate brings accusations

Valentina Buliga, who runs for Chisinau Mayor on behalf of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), urges electoral contestants to stop using dirty PR techniques and senseless shows and start true debates. Buliga noted that dirty campaign practices go on, including printing and distribution of fake newspapers cynically fabricated to clash both members of the Alliance for European Integration and democratic parties with democratic media in Moldova. According to Buliga, the black PR team of PCRM is behind this scheme, traditionally used by this party in electoral campaigns, and false newspapers and other leaflets are fabricated by printing companies from the left bank of the Dniester. PDM claims that is does not know but supposes that somebody from outside is behind the PCRM candidate Igor Dodon.

PSD concepts

The PSD candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, Sergiu Coropceanu, has introduced a general development concept on parks from Chisinau municipality and a reconstruction and development project on the “Valea Morilor” Park. According to Coropceanu, “Valea Morilor” has become the gap of the municipal budget and this indicates a cooperation between Liberal Dorin Chirtoaca and the Party of Communists, as the mayor-in-office covered all offences committed by former interim communist mayors and did not care about punishing persons who dispossessed the municipality of tens of millions lei by allowing the evacuation of water and the start of works without any auctions and draft papers. The PSD team proposes a method to turn parks into leisure environments through a public-private partnership.

Dorin Chirtoaca makes promises to doctors

Dorin Chirtoaca, candidate of the Liberal Party running for Chisinau Mayor, has met doctors and nurses from the Municipal Clinical Hospital “Sfantul Arhanghel Mihail” and students and lecturers from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”. Chirtoaca explained his accomplishments in four years of office, introduced his electoral programme, answered to questions and collected wishes from participants. (Source: PL)