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Election News from June 13, 2011

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CEC reports elected mayors

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has made a synthesis of results of the June 5, 2011 general local elections and established that 386 mayors were elected as follows: As many as 512 localities will hold a runoff vote on June 19, 2010 to elect mayors.

Pre-electoral survey awards victory to Dodon

According to a survey released by a group of researchers from the State University of Moldova, Igor Dodon could win 51.4 percent of the valid ballots in the runoff vote for election of Chisinau mayor-general, and Dorin Chirtoaca could gain 48.8 percent. About 59.8 percent of respondents would attend the June 19 elections, 18.3 percent “would rather participate”, and 16.8 percent would not take part in the runoff vote. Most of the interviewed people, 82.5 percent, were informed about the runoff vote for election of Chisinau mayor-general, which reveals the high-level information of population. On the other hand, 54.6 percent of respondents did not warm the results of the first round of local elections, and 61.3 percent said that they voted on June 5. Asked if in their opinion Chisinau is developing well, 32.2 percent said “yes”, 44.1 percent said “no” and 23.7 percent could not answer. The poll was conducted during June 7–10 on a sample of 1,194 residents from Chisinau and suburbs. The error margin is +/- 3 percent. (Source: Novosti Moldova)

Dorin Chirtoaca tables programme for suburbs, apprises Prosecutor-General’s Office

Dorin Chirtoaca, candidate of the Liberal Party running for mayor-general of Chisinau municipality, along with the team of municipal and local PL councillors and PL mayors of suburbs released a development programme for suburbs of Moldovan capital. While presenting the programme, Chirtoaca condemned the plans of the Communists to withdraw suburbs from Chisinau municipality, promising that PL will resist to this scenario. The PL team presented modernisation projects for suburbs of Chisinau municipality, which seek among others: Dorin Chirtoaca has appealed to the Prosecutor-General’s Office to reprimand PCRM candidate Igor Dodon, who counterfeited the Official Gazette of Romania, using the fake to accuse him. According to the appeal to prosecutors, Chirtoaca accuses Dodon of forgery, of false denunciation made to state public authorities and asks them to punish him in accordance with Criminal Code.

Athletes and Party for Unification of Moldova support PL candidate

A group of athletes, coaches and masters of sport has invited electors to vote Dorin Chirtoaca on June 19, saying that in his quality of mayor he was close to them and cared about problems of sportsmen. Supporters include European and world champions, participants in Olympics, coaches and professors.

The Political Party for Unification of Moldova (PUM) will support the candidate of the Liberal Party (PL), Dorin Chirtoaca, in the runoff vote for election of Chisinau mayor. PUM chairwoman Ana Tcaci made this announcement at a news conference. Tcaci fears that the indifference on June 19 could turn down all democratic successes and calls on voters to leave aside all household affairs, cherry harvesting and leisure, forget the indifference and vote unanimously Dorin Chirtoaca, because he is the symbol of national democracy. At the same time, the PUM leader noted that the current local electoral campaign proved that the PCRM had divided the society on ethnic criteria, giving birth to an interethnic hatred among people.

Dodon does not care about Chirtoaca’s appeal, meets veterans

Commenting the statements delivered by Dorin Chirtoaca when he appealed to the Prosecutor-General’s Office, Igor Dodon stated: “let showmen keep being so.” He noted that Chirtoaca is less inspired in the electoral campaign and stole the message of his mates, and he tries at the end of the campaign to follow the same way and to provide evidence to law enforcement organs, after Dodon has allegedly provided many documents accusing Chirtoaca of involvement into corruption schemes. Dodon added that he lets law enforcement organs give light to this deal, but expressed optimism that judges will be apolitical.

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor’s seat met heads of primary veteran organisations based in the Moldovan capital and invited them to participate more actively in the runoff vote of local elections. Dodon noted that the PCRM will deploy 3,000 supplementary observers for the runoff vote, in order to prevent any violation even after the voting, as well as during the vote counting. According to records, there are 118,000 veterans in Chisinau and they are part of 114 organisations. (Source: Novosti Moldova)