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Election News from April 7, 2011

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Igor Dodon launched “I love Moldova” campaign

At a press conference, the member of Parliament, Igor Dodon, who was previously announced as the PCRM candidate for the position of mayor of the Capital city, said that “I love Moldova” campaign is aimed to cultivate country love among the citizens and, especially, among young people. The campaign will be promoted both in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova and it is supported by youth organizations, “DA (YES)” Movement, the singers Irina Tarasiuk, Eduard Lopatenko and SereNado, who will go through all educational institutions, will organize public actions, will share red caps and shirts with Moldova’s map, drawn in red and blue with a star in the middle. Igor Dodon states that he chose intentionally the date of April 7, because on April 7, 2009 many people cried “Fire!” in the market and now he wants the citizens to cry they love their country. (According to Infotag Agency)